About Us

ABR Maintenance is a family owned business with operations in Chicago and New York. With over 20 years of experience in the floor care industry we hold ourselves and our product to the industry’s highest standards. Appearance is everything in the retail business, the first thing the customer sees is the floor. This can leave a lasting impression in the customers head.  Which is why the condition of your store and floors can have such a great impact on your business. The better your store looks the better your customers feel. Our use of innovative technology and equipment allows for ABR to perform high quality service each and every time, as well as the ability to perform day-time services. Our machines, chemicals, and equipment do not contain any harmful fumes. This gives us the ability to provide a safe and clean workplace at any time.ABR Maintenance takes a tremendous amount of pride in floor cleaning services. Our floor care program is customized to your specific floor service needs (Strip and Wax, Buffing, Scrubbing).


ABR Maintenance is Bonded and Insured for over $1 million.